Are you ready for bolder steps of faith!

I want to encourage you to take bigger leaps of faith in every area of your life and request the new 3-message series, Believe and See.   Why?  Because "... if you believe, you will see the Glory of God." JOHN 11:40

This series (on CD or DVD) is our way to thank you this month for your financial support below of any amount to From His Heart Ministries.

And if you are able to make a gift of $100 or more this month to help From His Heart, we'll also send you TWO new audio series on USB Flash Drives with 71 messages.  It's a comprehensive verse-by-verse study of the books of 1st and 2nd Corinthians – entitled And You Think You’ve Got Problems and Turning Trials to Triumphs.

Get your copies in the formats available below – and thank you for your generous support that makes it possible for From His Heart to be seen in 182 countries each week and heard around the world every day on over 740 radio stations speaking the truth in love to a lost and desperate world.



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