Learn how to stand for God with holy boldness!


Pastor Jeff wants to help you better connect with the heart of God by sending you his booklet, Unveiling the Mystery of Prayer as thanks for your gift to From His Heart this month

You’ll learn seven important insights from the life of Nehemiah to encourage you in your prayer life. 

And if you’re able to make a gift of $35 or more, you’ll also receive the new 8-message series, Holy Boldness: Lessons from Elijah, the Prophet of Fire.

Messages include:

  • Faithful to Stand
  • When Your Brook Runs Dry
  • Super Bowl at Mount Carmel
  • Answered Prayer
  • The Cave of Depression
  • The Wages of Sin
  • A Slap in God's Face
  • Heaven Can't Wait

Please request the booklet Unveiling the Mystery of Prayer and the series Holy Boldness when you give generously below so that together we can embolden the saints and reach even more lost people for Christ.


Request yours on CD, DVD, USB flash drive, or as an MP3 download.


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